Friday Pix: Recommended Reading For The Weekend

Every Friday I point you to some recommended reading around the blogosphere:

1. OK, here’s another stop-whatever-you’re-doing-and-watch-this-right-now moment. It’s a video of – I kid you not – a Swiss finance minister literally cracking up as he tries to make a speech about spiced meat imports. If you’re not laughing by :30, you don’t have a funny bone in your body.

2. And while you’re still laughing, click on Michelle Kerns’ hilarious diatribe against the parochial nature of East-Coast publishing houses over at

3. This is fun. It’s a short film (and contest) at The Guardian that contains visual references to 26 different famous movies. Test your knowledge. And even if you don’t want to do the contest, enjoy!

4. I’m one of those people who’s obsessed with David Foster Wallace, despite having never read any of his work. (I know! I know! Must repent!) Here’s a fascinating tribute to Wallace on the radio program To The Best Of Our Knowledge, led by Salon’s Book Critic, Laura Miller. Warning: You will choke up several times as you listen.

5. And finally, here’s a great way to close out your week with a sample of some of this year’s Ig Nobel prize winners for achievements in science that “first make people laugh, and then make them think.”

Enjoy your weekend!

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6 Responses to Friday Pix: Recommended Reading For The Weekend

  1. C.M. Mayo says:

    Thanks for the laughs! That is one chuckly video.

  2. Holy smokes! That Swiss Finance Minister had me cracking up, and I didn’t understand a single word. Thanks for the laugh.

  3. delialloyd says:

    @barb and @CM I know! I couldn’t stop laughing myself. I had the whole family watch!

  4. Delia, you really have to stop saying you have not read any of DFW’s work – read him. Anywhere you start will be fine, just quit putting it off – please 🙂

  5. delialloyd says:

    @steven. you are so right-on the list…now!!

  6. Erin says:

    That video was hilarious! And I hear you about DFW – apparently I write like him 😉

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