Friday Pix: Recommended Reading For The Weekend

Every Friday I point you to some recommended reading around the blogosphere:

1. I loved the discussion over at A.V. Club of culture that represented adulthood – e.g. movies, TV shows etc. that meant “grown up” when the writers were young. Scrolling through the listings was like a walk down memory lane.

2. Tribal Writer had a post on the importance of being interesting that really got me thinking.

3. If you followed the whole Steven Slater/Jet Blue flight attendant saga as closely as I did, you will love Gawker’s list of other real-life, spectacular “I Quit!” stories.

4. I just stumbled across the website Five Books, where every day an eminent writer, thinker, academic, you name it lists their five favorite books within their speciality. Love it! (Hat tip: Very Short List)

5. Here’s a great story at Publishing Perspectives about an author who paid actresses to read her book and laugh as a marketing strategy. No joke. (Hat tip: Lisa Romeo Writes)

6. I adore Michael Kinsley. (If you haven’t read Please Don’t Remain Calm – a collection of his commentaries on the American political scene – it’s fantastic.) Here he is in The Atlantic giving out the aptly named Yawn Awards to the most boring articles of the year. (By chance, I happened to read one at breakfast today and laughed out loud in recognition.)

7. As a fellow expat, I fully appreciated Writer Abroad’s post on Ameropeans and other strange breeds.

8. Finally, and for no particular reason, have a look at Lizzie Skurnick’s list of letters (i.e. alphabetic) she’d consent to have sex with at The Awl.

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