Friday Pix: Recommended Reading For The Weekend

This Friday I point you to some worthwhile reading around the blogosphere:

1. In light of my own musings about whether or not stages of adulthood correspond with age, I found this article in the New York Times on redefining the financial age of adulthood to be quite edifying.

2. This fun post about creative and playful business cards from the blog Kim and Jason Escape Adulthood made me think, again, about titles and how we present ourselves.

3. Under annals of parenting, here’s one woman’s frank account in The Guardian about why she couldn’t have it all. And on the lighter side, a laugh-out-loud essay on the NYT’s Motherlode blog by a mother trying to quiet her shrieking child on an airplane.

4. Writers will want to read this fascinating interview with Mary Karr (of The Liar’s Club fame) on DoubleX. (Note to self: Must finally read The Liar’s Club.)

5. Writers will also want to check out my new favorite lit blog, Christina Baker Kline: A Writing Life. You will find inspiration in her post My Ten Year Overnight Success as well as why back-to-school night proved such a great source 0f material.

6. Finally, and on a more serious note, I really liked this final essay on the NYT Happy Days blog about why we need to embrace death.

Enjoy your weekend!

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5 Responses to Friday Pix: Recommended Reading For The Weekend

  1. LPC says:

    I finally read Liars Club just last week. Liked it. But, of type, I preferred Don’t Lets Go To The Dogs Tonight, by Alexandra Fuller. Somehow family devastation and alcoholism is even more compelling set in South Africa.

  2. Mike Tubridy says:

    You might also want to catch Karr’s fascinating interview with Leonard Lopate on WNYC-FM.

  3. delialloyd says:

    have heard of that, LPC. I’ll have a look!

  4. Thanks for the link; glad you enjoyed our post! I also quite fancy the idea of officially becoming a “Lord.” Your post didn’t mention it, but does that come with a cool accent?

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