Friday Pix: Recommended Reading For The Weekend

This Friday, I point you to some worthwhile reading around the blogosphere:

1. Find out when middle-age kicked in for you by taking this musical quiz in the Chicago Tribune.

2. Apparently, the key to avoiding dementia  is getting married…and drinking more coffee.

3. Have a look at the best advertisements to save the planet in The Guardian.

4. Newsweek tells us that boomers have been responsible for economic stability over time. Speaking of economics, have a look at the Freakonomics Q and A with White House economist Austan Goolsbee. He’s very thoughtful and also pretty funny.

5. Two great ways to catch up on the news: The Daily Beast Cheat Sheet and Michael Kraskin’s Politics Dailies over at

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2 Responses to Friday Pix: Recommended Reading For The Weekend

  1. Patricia says:

    This was a fun post and I bounced around looking at each entry – quickly. I am getting ready for a trip and am concerned that my blog not fall off the radar while I am away… So am making an effort to not just read all my subscription blogs but make a comment as well – I am often here, but only have 2 hours a day for blog reading and commenting; sometimes just read.

    I am hoping I can get lots of folks to read David Korten’s book Agenda for a New Economy – he says the middle class is totally holding up the economy for years and years and now they have no resources for retirement…but he has real and sensible ideas and concepts for remedy and reconstruction – easy to read fascinating book.

  2. delialloyd says:

    Thanks Patricia. I’ll be sure to check in on your (again!) as well. The book sounds intriguing – hadn’t heard of it. Let me have a look. Enjoy your travels!

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